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Privacy Policy

In the simplest terms, I’ll do everything I can to keep your data private and secure.

Woodshedr for iPad

Woodshedr transmits anonymous usage information using Google Analytics. This is information includes:

  • Which songs are played, paused, rewinded, or recorded.
  • Which songs available for purchase are previewed.
  • Any time an external link is clicked.
  • The duration of any recordings.
  • Which tracks are muted or unmuted.
  • The city that you're in, but not your specific location within that city.
  • Changes to the preferences within the ‘Settings’ screen.
  • Recordings shared by email, or uploaded to Dropbox and SoundCloud.

In all instances mentioned above, and any others not specifically mentioned, there is absolutely no personal information transmitted. It is impossible to know who you are either directly or by some use of deductive reasoning. Any data transmitted is subject to the Apple Privacy Policy.

This Website

This website uses Google Analytics. Any data gathered is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. I can only view the analytics data in aggregate, and never see any personally-identifiable information.

If you sign up for the Woodshedr newsletter, you email address will be passed to Campaign Monitor (Privacy Policy) who store it in order to distribute the email. This website does not store your email address. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.