Jazz Play-alongs for the Modern Musician

When I record a performance with Woodshedr the sound is delayed or distorted. What’s up with that?

Recording without using headphones can be problematic as it produces a delay. For best results, we recommend you use the internal micrphone and a separate pair of headphones or ear buds. This will minimize any room sounds and for most potentially high gain instruments (trumpet, sax, etc.) this should work great. Using Apple's earpods with built-in microphone will produce okay results, but not as good as the built-in mic with dedicated headphones or ear buds just mentioned. If you'd like to use a 3rd party microphone we recommend the <a href="http://apogeedigital.com/products/mic.php">Apogee MiC</a>, which features an adjustable gain setting. If you set the gain to low and play closer to the mic you can reduce any room sound that may be making your recordings to a bit too distant. If you have a great way to record that isn’t mentioned here, please <a href="http://woodshedr.com/contact">let us know</a>!

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